Originally published on iDigitalTimes Oct. 8, 2016.

A dozen of your favorite (or soon to be favorite) Marvel-Netflix characters were brought on stage at New York Comic Con for the Iron Fist panel. First, Marvel President Jeph Loeb brought out Eric LaRay Harvey, who plays Diamondback in Luke Cage. Details about his role were kept a secret until Luke Cage premiered on Netflix Sept. 30, so Loeb gave us a proper introduction. Following mounds of applause for LaRay Harvey’s performance, Iron Fist executive producer Scott Buck arrived on stage. Then, he’s joined by the Iron Fist cast.

Joy, Ward, and Harold Meachum (played by Jessica Stroup, Tom Pelphrey, and David Wenham respectively) filed onto the stage. It was a surprise to see Rosario Dawson, though not unexpected that she’ll reprise her role as Claire Temple in Iron Fist considering she’s been in every Marvel-Netflix series to date. Jessica Henwick, who plays sensei Colleen Wing took the chair right next to Dawson. And finally, Iron Fist star Finn Jones plopped in a seat next to Loeb.


There were even more surprises than the wealth of Iron Fist footage that I’ll get to in just a moment. The Defenders took the stage for the first time as a group. Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil joined the Iron Fist party and posed for pictures. Jon Bernthal also stopped by with a special guest, Daredevil’s Karen Page, confirming she’ll also crossover to The Punisher series, which is next on the Marvel-Netflix docket following The Defenders.


Iron Fist just wrapped filming at 9 a.m. this morning so it was also the first time the cast has seen the footage described below. When Loeb cued the clips, the cast sat with their eyes peeled on the edge of the stage just as the fans were in their chairs. So let’s break it down.


Scene #1

After being on K’un-Lun for nearly all his life, Danny Rand returns to New York City. As we saw in the very first teaser ever released, Danny arrives to the city and walks down the street with no shoes, looking like a homeless bum. This teaser continues the scene, as Danny enters Rand Industries and asks for Harold Meachum. Security guards promptly kick him out, but of course Danny makes his way back in by kicking some serious ass.

Scene #2

The second tease was a heated restaurant scene between Danny, Joy, and Ward. The three don’t seem to get a long….at all. Probably because their father, Harold, isn’t so fond of Iron Fist.

“You were like a brother to me. A terrible, jackass of a brother but still,” Danny pleads to Ward.

“The Danny Rand I knew is dead and I want him to stay that way,” Ward says. Danny gets up from the table and confronts Ward loudly in the middle of the restaurant, making a huge scene.

“Danny, listen. We can work this out,” Joy says.

“I have Hogarth now,” Danny responds. “You can’t deny what’s mine. What my father meant for me to have.”

Scene #3

Next, we get a brief hallway fight scene… Iron Fist style. He’s definitely a very skilled martial artist, unlike anything we’ve even seen on Daredevil. He fights effortlessly with calculation,  precision and poise. Jeph Loeb then reveals the scene finished with Danny getting on the elevator at the end of the hallway.

Scene #4

The third scene introduces Colleen Wing. Dressed in all white, she enters a closed fighting cage with two huge men. Unlike Danny, Colleen is brutal. She doesn’t mind a lot of blood on her hands. After she punches in the face of a guy three times her size, she casually wipes the blood from her fingers onto her white windbreaker. All I heard is the impact of her hits cracking bones and a bunch of extended “ooohs” from the audience.

Scene #5

The last secret scene was between Danny and Harold Meachum. Danny wakes up, handcuffed to a bed. It’s unclear why he’s in Harold’s custody. While the scene didn’t reveal too much backstory, we learn Harold is creepy AF. “I thought you were dead. So I guess that’s something we have in common,” he says.

“I understand you were taken in by some monks by order of the Crane Mother. Where exactly is the monastery?” Harold repeatedly asks Danny until he responds, “Ku’n Lun.”

Danny explains Ku’n Lun is one of the seven capital cities of heaven. Danny says he was a warrior there. “What kind of warrior are you?” Harold asks. That’s when Danny reveals he’s a sworn enemy of The Hand. “I’m the only one who can do it,” Danny says after Harold asks how he plans on defeating them.

The five scenes, in addition to the trailer, revealed countless exciting details about what’s to come. Read more about iDigitalTimes’s analysis about the big reveals from the Iron Fist panel here.


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