Sam Esmail: Watch Out For Joey Bada$$ In Season 3

Published on Oct. 15, 2016.

The Mr. Robot season 2 finale ended with a huge cliffhanger surrounding Leon, played by Joey Bada$$. Leon drives up to Fry’s Electronics, where Trenton and Mobley now work as they hide out from the FBI. They are discussing ‘fixing’ the 5/9 hack when Leon approaches and asks, “Do you have the time?”

Fans, of course, wanted answers when Sam Esmail and co-creator Courtney Looney took the stage at a New York Comic Con panel about their new book,  Mr. Robot: Red Wheelbarrow, which will recount Elliot’s time in jail. When asked whether Leon’s character would be juiced up in season 3, Esmail responded with a strong yes.

“I always knew this from the get go, but I know Leon is definitely one to look out for in Season 3,” Esmail said.

If you’ve watched Mr. Robot season 2, you know Leon played a large role during Elliot’s time in jail. They spent a lot of time eating meals and watching basketball together. In addition to Hot Carla, the book will delve deeper into Leon’s friendship with Elliot. Hopefully Red Wheelbarrow can also give fans some clues about Leon’s involvement with the Dark Army. It may not be a coincidence Leon and Elliot became friends. He acts more like Elliot’s protector, especially after that scene where he effortlessly stabs four grown men to save Elliot’s life. It remains to be seen whether Leon tracked down Mobley and Trenton to kill them, or protect them in the same way he has Elliot.

“What if we could generate the keys,” Trenton says to Mobley while the two sip soda on break outside their new job. “I’ve taken enough risk for one lifetime,” Mobley tells Trenton adamantly. “Please just look at it,” she pleads. “If what I discovered is real, do you know what that means? We could potentially undo this whole thing, put everything back the way it was.”

It’s hard to imagine Whiterose would be cool with reversing the 5/9 hack. Mobley and Trenton undoing stage 1 of the plan could ruin the success of stage 2, especially considering Tyrell nearly killed Elliot to protect the plan.

Sam Esmail confirmed Red Wheelbarrow will contain some spoilers for Mr. Robot season 3. Mr. Robot: Red Wheelbarrow will be released Nov. 1.