Arrow’s Lexa Doig Teases Next Week’s Big Reveals

Originally published on iDigitalTimes March 10, 2017.

In the promo for Arrow Season 5 episode 16, “Checkmate,” Talia clarifies to Oliver Prometheus is Adrian Chase. But according to Lexa Doig, who plays Talia Al Ghul on Arrow, there’s no telling whose side her character is on, in present day or the flashbacks.

The whole situation of Oliver not yet knowing Talia is an Al Ghul, the realization she also trained Adrian Chase, and Chase now turning out to be Prometheus, a costumed vigilante (of sorts) just like The Hood, is quite suspicious. “There’s clearly something going on there,” I told Doig in a recent interview.

“A little bit suspicious, yeah. Yes, there is,” Doig told iDigitalTimes. “The thing about Talia is she lives in the grey zone of morality. She’s not specifically always on the side of good or always on the bad. She’s more neutral in alignment. What she’s most concerned about is what she wants.”

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Talia gifts Oliver with his first Green Arrow costume in Russia.

Talia’s true intentions with Oliver remain unclear. While helping Oliver in the flashbacks seems like a good thing so far, there may be more to her agenda than she lets on.

“If what she wants to accomplish as an end result ends up being a good thing, then yay, but if what she wants to accomplish ends up being not such a good thing for a lot of people, I don’t think she really cares. The ends always justifies the means to her.”

Talia is training Oliver to be the killer we first met in Star City during Season 1. It took him years to come to terms with that portion of his life and hasn’t spoken at all about Talia and his training in Russia until now. We don’t know how their relationship left off (though we have our theories). Aside from Talia’s brief appearance on Legends of Tomorrow as a child, the first time Oliver mentioned her on Arrow was when he noticed Prometheus’ special move. He has no idea who she actually is or it would have come up by now.

Will Talia be a friend or foe in present day?

In photos from “Checkmate,” Talia is seen in what looks to be present day, dressed in all black with men wearing the same outfits surrounding her. Doig held back from spoiling me about what’s going on in that photo, but assured me, “A couple things will be revealed next week.”

How does Talia know Prometheus and what’s going on in that photo? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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